What You Will Learn

Your real estate mentor started at the bottom just like you and learned the ropes. He or she created their own way to success. The beauty of a mentorship is that you learn and apply the lessons from your mentor to successfully create deals that benefit you while avoiding the mistakes that others cannot overcome. Your mentor helps you learn and apply the foundational elements of every successful real estate deal. More importantly, he or she will help you avoid calamities that can derail your real estate investing. This means you can take what your mentoring group provides and apply it to any real estate environment around the nation. You'll learn fundamentals that work regardless of where you're investing in the US.

Learn from real-life scenarios. Your mentor will never offer subjective platitudes; rather, you see exactly what to do and how to do it to purchase real estate for investment purposes. A real estate mentor works with you one-on-one to focus on a variety of real estate investing techniques to help you build a wealth portfolio that meets your budget, your goals, and your dreams. For instance, your mentor might focus on tax deed investing to show you how to buy live real-time properties around the United States. You'll know where to look, what to look for, and how to buy tax deeds to build your investment portfolio. This is merely one strategy you can learn from your Real Estate Mentor Group.

An easy first flip

You have access to a real estate expert who walks the walk. Learn how he or she constructs a real estate investment deal during your training so you can easily replicate the process and build a solid real estate investment portfolio. Your Wealth Building Network includes experts who buy multiple properties or deeds in a short timeframe. This helps people just like you learn from real, live deals.

Avoid the pitfalls system

Avoid the mistakes that most first-time real estate investors make with the guidance of an expert real estate mentor. Streamline your processes, avoid common pitfalls, and create a positive return on investment for your first real estate deal. Your Wealth Building Network has been where you are and will walk you through exactly what you need to know for your first real estate investment deal.

Your expert mentor

A mentor is worth his or her weight in gold. Connect with a real estate mentor who's been in your shoes. He or she can help you figure out your perfect investment scenario, find the right deals, estimate repair costs, secure financing, and flip your first house for a tidy profit. Every mentor has a proven success record. If he or she can't help students just like you secure their first deal, he or she wouldn't be a very good mentor, right?

Real estate investing in people

Easily learn the elements to create your next brilliant real estate deal. But you can go one step further: your Wealth Building Network shows you how to network with and create relationships with the right people to create a bright future in real estate. Real estate investing is a people business. You need to know who to target, how to build relationships with the right people, and why and how to always offer something in return.

We're not offering insubstantial platitudes

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme that won't produce the results you need and want. Your Wealth Building Network isn't offering a pie-in-the-sky deal. Rather, you get a proven blueprint of a solid foundation on which to build your real estate investment portfolio. If you can't put in the effort and time needed to create successful real estate deals, then this system isn't for you. But if you're willing and able to work hard to reap astounding benefits, your Wealth Building Network wants to be your partner.