3 Day Mastermind

Are you like most people… do you see the opportunity to invest in Real Estate? Are you ready to learn why NOW, even in the current Covid pandemic, hopefully soon to be post pandemic, will be one of the best times in history to get started Investing in Real Estate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to sign up for one of our 3-Day Mastermind held in your area “live” and in person or “virtually live” depending on the current Covid situation in your location.

This 3-Day event was specifically designed for individuals like you, beginners in Real Estate investing, and also for individuals like you who've invested for many years.

Real Estate investing goes up and down, and has for decades; it's important you learn strategies that are applicable to today's market that help you survive those ups and downs. There is always some risk in investing, but you can lower your risk with the proper education. It is important you learn techniques that will help you get the positive outcomes you truly want to achieve.

What You'll Learn From the 3-Day Mastermind

WHOLESALE REAL ESTATE You'll learn how to Wholesale a property using none of your own money. This strategy is appealing to those that don't want to fix and flip properties but want the financial profits that real estate investing has to offer.

FINDING DISTRESSED PROPERTIES Properties that are in distress are attractive to property investors like you. You can usually purchase these properties at a discount, often well below market value. Here are several reasons a seller could be motivated to sell their property quickly and allow you to get a deal on the property. You'll learn strategies to buy these properties that make a win-win for everyone involved.

· Separation or Divorce
· Death in the Family
· Property With One Owner-Estate Sale
· Job Relocation
· Financial Hardship
· Property Condition
· Partnership Dispute
· Bank Owned (REO)
· Tax Delinquent Properties

FUNDING YOUR TRANSACTIONS You get access to our preferred lenders who work with first time investors and seasoned investors to offer loan programs for savvy investors wanting to fund up to and over 100+ transactions per year. Programs ranging from fix & flip, buy & hold, multifamily, new construction, gap funding, profit share, 100% acquisition 100% construction, etc. Get access to private money lenders whose guidelines are flexible to allow you to create products not available elsewhere. These mortgage lenders are dedicated to helping you with your real estate dream every step of the way, and through their experience and commitment to customer service, you can count on them to get you the loan program that is right for you.

FIX AND FLIPS At our 3-Day event, you will learn the steps to successfully flip properties

You will learn how to:
1. Find good deals
2. Make offers
3. Finalize financing
4. Schedule a property inspection
5. Purchase settlement
6. Prepare for the renovation
7. Renovate!
8. Sell for maximum profit

CASH FLOW PROPERTIES You'll learn how to identify certain house that will be better to buy and hold, and keep for cash flow verses flipping. See how you can get returns up to 15-25% with your cash flow properties.

ASSET PROTECTION Learn how to protect your properties from unforeseen forces such as lawsuits. You get strategies to keep what you own, and how to protect your investment portfolio.

RETIREMENT INVESTING STRATEGIES First of all, a self-directed IRA gives you investment freedom. The term “self-directed” means that alternative investments are accepted or offered by the IRA custodian, the financial institution, or company responsible for record-keeping and IRS reporting requirements. The short is you decide how and where you invest your retirement dollars. Learn how you can self-direct your retirement account to purchase your real estate transactions or tax lien investments.

Our 3-Day Mastermind Trainers
are active investors in
Buying and Selling Real Estate in Today's Market!

A quick question: would you like to learn from someone actively pursuing and investing in properties like those you're interested in? Or would you rather learn theory from an academic with no practical experience?

Imagine a three-day master mind class where you see the instructor invest in buying and selling real estate… in today's market. The sharpest way to learn something new is to watch an expert do it and then repeat it for yourself.

You'll get plenty of chances at our 3-day Real Estate Master Mind class.

This is only for dedicated individuals, however. If you're on the fence about real estate investing, this may not be for you. But if you're sure this opportunity is too good to pass up, you'll learn everything you need to buy and sell real estate and build a wealth portfolio for retirement.

Learn from someone who's been where you want to be. Take their knowledge and expertise and create your own real estate portfolio in less time it takes others to figure out how to invest.

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